Private Client Insurance Coverage

Private Client Coverage is a specialist division that caters exclusively to the personal insurance needs of high net worth individuals.
We understand that when you own rare assets and irreplaceable possessions such as fine art, jewelry, antique furniture, high value and exotic cars or yachts it’s very important to keep them safe and insured worldwide.
That’s why, we can arrange careful appraisals all your possessions and recommend specific courses of action to safeguard them. So if the worst does happen, we will ensure that you are fully covered.

Private Client Coverage product includes:

Home Insurance

  • Guaranteed rebuilding cost
  • Worldwide cover for all contents
  • Full cover for pairs & sets
  • New acquired items
  • Worldwide liability coverage

Travel Insurance

  • Annual multi-trip family policy
  • Emergency Medical Expenses ( Accident & Sickness) zero excess
  • Sports & Activities Winter Sports Covered

Motor Insurance

  • Agency repair up to 10 years
  • Valet parking covered
  • New car replacement for 24 months
  • Multiple car discount rates are competitive
  • Classic car coverage for VIP clients
  • Complimentary Executive replacement car( Mercedes C200 and above)
  • Third Party Liability cover

Art Insurance

  • Agreed value for specialized items
  • Newly acquired
  • Loss of value Pairs & Sets
  • Access export jewelry valuation
  • Market appreciate & death of artist

Yacht Insurance

  • All risks coverage
  • Temporary substitute yacht
  • Newly acquired Yacht cover
  • Protection & Indemnity
  • Addition Medical Expenses cover to any person boarding in the yacht